Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Still Gone

I dunno. It's different coming back here after a long absence provided by Facebook. Do I miss it? Very lightly. No one comes by to talk to me unless it involves Facebook. Makes me wonder if people talked to here think of me as just some form of entertainment. Ah, the busy life. I've just celebrated 4 years with Sara and we behave like an old couple these days, too tired to fuck. Arguing only takes place lightly because we both fall asleep so fast. I've started chatting up people I haven't seen in over 10 years thanks to Facebook. IM'ing is fun because at least one of my friends is on throughout the day or night. Seen the new movie, Let the Right One In? Haunting vampire movie where a 12-year-old girl is lonely enough to strike up a friendship with a bullied boy next door. Found myself cheering when one of the bullies was beheaded. Little kids can be so cruel. Happy twats all around.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This just might be the end. My readers have disappeared. I'm more involved with Facebook. Hardly anyone speaks back to me on this blog and I grow bored when people have nothing to say. We'll see............

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Experiencing computer problems. Thanks for asking. Might be back.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Afros And Dildos

"This week, I got by with a little help from my friends."


Never mind the snow. I sure as hell don't. Never mind the mindless idiots at work. I sure as hell didn't. Why? This is going to sound weird but Facebook has now provided me with the ability to ignore the frustrations that seemed to plague my whole existence.

It's weird to find that all sorts of people found me just because I typed my name into a website. While I was fearful of people I hate shoveling it high and hot, this hasn't been the case at all. I'm now back to talking to a few people I haven't heard from in so long that the good memories creep back in. Facebook is a whole network of people being plugged in so keeping in touch has become simple for me. No more keeping track of a mass of emails. No more hating how so many people read my blog only to never announce themselves. I'm free!

Of course, I got lucky at work. Someone shipped a large box that fell apart. In it was a large amount of 60's and 70's porn for projectors. Large amounts of pictures of various women of all sizes with massive bushes! It was hard not to laugh as my male co-workers had a blast knowing their grandparents probably rubbed 'em out to these protected works of art. Who would have thought that interracial porn was so rebellious back then since we're so used to it now?

So, I'm off to sleep soon due to a doctor's appointment. The snow is kind of pretty to look at from the window but a major bitch to deal with once you set foot outside. Happy twats all around.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now On Facebook

"New things to do. People to amuse me."


Since things have been so quiet here on the blog-front, I've been playing around on Facebook. As you know, Sara signed me up. Good thing. It's like a new toy for me and I find myself laughing at some of the things our tight-knit group comes up with. For one thing, people pretty much comment all the time or come up with something to say, something that's dying here on Blogger.

I'll blog but I really like keeping up with the group of people from Indiana right now. If you want, come to Facebook and send me a poke that you'd like to add me as a friend. This means you know my name or email address used in the search feature. You'll get to see the group of people that keep me so young as a reward.

Be warned: white trash has learned to use the Internet. Why would you be so proud of your night at Chuck E Cheese after the age of 10?

So, hang in there. I'm still here. 2 people added me today and plenty more to come as I've found some of my old high school chums. It's amazing to know where some people ended up. Never go full-retard is my advice of the day. Happy twats all around.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoken To Like A Child

"Never ever be so gullible as to trusting those in politics by turning your back."


Today was historical. Not only do we have our first black president but I got a verbal warning at work. There is nothing better than to now remember the most frustrating event forever and ever. I should be celebrating the leaving of a 'C' student from the most powerful position in the world. Instead, I am cursing the hells of employment.

The most important thing is, of course, Obama. It's fascinating how just the color of his skin has many people up in arms. I'm a realist and know how so many white Republicans see this election as being tainted due to this. Just look at some of the infamous Myspace pictures put up by these people. Yeah, the 'N' word gets thrown around along with how great Jeezus is. Why is it that many sat so quiet while Bush made mistake after mistake? Whites can be extremely dumb, too.

Whatever your belief, I must say that Obama better get to work because this world is beyond a mess/crisis. We've got more people out of work than I've ever seen in my life. It's no longer considered a diss when mentioning the fact you are unemployed. It's just that fucking hard to get a job where you can live while, yes, there are still people too lazy to do anything about it. Hell, no one wants my job and I'll get into that......

Today, I got a verbal warning. I kind of laugh about it because it made me feel like I am back in high school again. Then again, it could be how my boss, younger than me, feels the need to talk down to me. So, I missed one day due to being in Indiana. Ya know what? I've come in extremely sick yet told to work faster/harder. There have been times I've come close to throwing up but I trekked on. This all comes after learning that all this treating us as children is due to our bosses making a little extra change off of our hard work. Do we see a dime?

I'm not the type to not show up for work. I've got a life, ya know? It just so happens to be a bit over an hour away. Nice one if a guy can get it. A job's just......a job. I do it and leave. These aren't the types of people I'd normally hang out with but work with. When I see bad treatment, I'm not going to give it over 100%. What idiot would allow others to make more money off of the sweat of others? You'd be crazy since I see a lot of on-the-job injuries. Ask me about which bodypart feels like it's going to fall off.

Nothing's going to change. I'll probably be getting verbal warning from here on out due to these new policies that come out of nowhere. See? The bad economy gives managers the feeling that they can look down at us while they just stand there watching us run around like little trained maniacs. I'm not one of those. I tend to run with the bad crowd and just do what I am told without all that ass kissing.

Had a good time in Indiana so a verbal warning was worth it. Came back today to a happy little dog and feeling a bit more energetic. Rough sex tends to get things going again all while relaxing the body's frantic state.

One thing is new. I'm now on Facebook. Oh, how I've crumbled and bowed down to the Internet thanks to Sara's signing me up. I'm now faced with possibly talking to people I've not seen for over a decade. Many rightfully so. There's a few I'd like to see what's happened to them but not many. I'm wary of those that wore out their welcomes years ago and I must admit to being easily agitated over old memories that haunt me. We'll see......

So, I leave with a little anger but also happiness. I'm my own person all while being happy that we seem to have a good guy in charge of the U.S. Will people stop hating us? Can we send the racist Republicans into the sea to be shark chum? Happy twats all around.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Redder Than You

Hi, we're at -20 degrees. How are you? Do you know what it's like when you step out into the night's air and feel as if your ears are going to fall off? Do you have a nose? It'll be redder than Jenna Jameson's clit after an all-night sex session. Are there boogers in your nose? Gonna feel like a whole mass of 'em decided to band together and get harder than a 10-year old pile of dogshit. Got all your fingers? Aint gonna be able to close your hand, motherfucker.

To all of you that complain while living in 60 degree weather........I say y'all are a bunch o' day old flimsy dirty laundry. I'm a polar bear. 10 degree weather means nothing to me. But at -20 degrees? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm as hung as Sara says I am.

I can be thankful of one thing. The old man didn't reek of messy ass. There is hope in the world for at least one thing went right.